The “Art of the Dealer” Card Game
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You’ll love this new bidding and trick-taking card game! TrumpIt! combines elements of Crazy Eights, Hearts, Spades…and the personality of the world’s Biggest Dealer, the Don of prosperity, power, and politics.

Players vie to rack up points – those juicy TrumpIt stakes! In ordinary card games, play proceeds to the left…but TrumpIt! plays to the right. And watch out for those Jokers!

The twist: The trump suit changes every trick! What looks like a loser hand can suddenly become an unstoppable powerhouse!

Being the Big Dealer has its perks. The Dealer doesn’t shuffle the deck – the Apprentice does all the grunt work! The Dealer gets to bid first – and he can always change his mind. And in case of a tie score – the Big Dealer always wins!

TrumpIt! is great fun for

• Family game time
• Boys’ night out
• Rainy days
• Political parties of all persuasions

TrumpIt! comes with everything you need – cards, rule books, player tokens -- in a collectible keepsake metal box that you’ll treasure for generations. And TrumpIt! gives you 54 cards for the price of 52. Yes, it’s true – TrumpIt! has a big deck!

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and get the custom TrumpIt! deck with ORANGE Diamonds and Hearts!

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